Menu - Starters

Edamame - $4.00
Whole steamed soy bean with sea salt.

Agedashi Tofu - $4.00
Lightly fried tofu, bonito flake and served with tempura sauce.

Gyoza - $4.00
Pan fried pork and veggies dumpling.

Fried Shrimp Wontons - $6.00
Cream cheese, coconut and shrimp.

- $0.00

Crispy Calamari - $9.00
Sweet chili sauce and lemon seasoning.

Grilled Oysters - $8.00
Six pieces, parmesan and house made pickles.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura - $8.00
Seaweed salad, and spicy citrus mayo.

Mussels Hot Pot - $9.00
Creamy sake, fresh mussels in hot pot.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - $9.00
Stir fried minced chicken, mushroom and bamboo shoots served with romain lettuce.

Hamachi Kama - $12.00
Grilled yellowtail collar with seasalt

Tempura- Chicken or Shrimp or Snapper - $7.00
Crispy fried with Japanese batter

Vegetable Tempura - $5.00
Assorted vegetable crispy fried with Japanese batter

Dynamite Mussels - $6.00
Baked green mussel with dynamite sauce

Tori Maki - $8.00
Toasted juicy chicken breast & asparagus rolled served with sesame ranch

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