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- $0.00

Fresh Gulf Oysters - $8.00
6 pieces with ponzu sauce or sweet chili sauce.

Naruto Maki - $11.00
Tuna, Salmon,Escolar & Kani wrapped with thin sliced cucumber and serverd with spicy mayo, eel sauce and a touch of tongarashi pepper

Chi Ceviche - $9.00
Blanched scallop. tomato, spring mix, avocado, wonton chips and yuzu soyo.

Beef Tataki - $9.00
Thin sliced angus beef with spicy ponzu sauce.

Peppercorn Tuna - $9.00
Thin-sliced pepper tuna with ponzu and chili oil.

Tar Tar - $9.00
Chopped tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado and cucumber mixed with special sauce served with fried wonton chips.

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