Menu - Soup & Salad

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Miso Shiro - $3.00
Soy bean soup, silken tofu, seaweed and scallion.

Usumashi - $3.00
Clear chicken broth, fried onion and scallion.

House Salad - $4.00
Mixed greens choice for ginger and miso vinaigrette dressing.

Ika Sansai - $5.00
Citrus, sesame squid salad.

Spicy Baby Octopus - $6.00
Marinated spicy chill paste & a touch of sesame oil.

Seaweed Salad - $5.00
Seasoned seaweed with lemon and sesame seed.

Grilled Chicken Salad - $11.00
Seasoned grilled chicken breast and spring mixed lettuce choice house dressing.

Steak Soba Salad - $11.00
Pan-seared peppercorn ribeye. Buckwheat noodle mixed with assorted lettuce and served with orange vinegrette.

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