Menu - Entrees

*Certain prices may be outdated or are typos on the website. We base our prices on the actual prices given on the printed menu. Chi is not responsible for any discrepancies between difference between our website prices and our menu prices.

Served with steamed rice, soup or salad. Substitute fried or brown rice for an additional $2.

Crispy Snapper Fillet - $19.00
Breaded flounder filet, served with sauteed veggies and chili sauce.

Blackened Tuna - $22.00
Togarashi spice grilled tuna, roasted potato, asparagus tempura and pepper sauce.

Filet Mignon - $22.00
Grilled beef tenderloin, wasabi mashed potatoes, seasoned vegetables and pepper sauce.

Chilean Sea Bass - $27.00
Sweet miso marinated sea bass, seasoned vegetables and wasabi mashed potatoes.

Prime Angus New York Strip - $29.00
Wasabi mashed potatoes with seasoned veggies and pepper sauce.

Gourmet Chicken - $16.00
Toasted juicy chicken breast, homestyle Black pepper sauce. Crab fried rice & Asparagus

Grilled Beef Short Ribs - $21.00
Grilled Beef short ribs. Crab fried rice and sauteed asparagus

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