Menu - Starters

*Certain prices may be outdated or are typos on the website. We base our prices on the actual prices given on the printed menu. Chi is not responsible for any discrepancies between difference between our website prices and our menu prices.

Edamame - $4.00
Whole steamed soy bean with sea salt.

Agedashi Tofu - $4.00
Lightly fried tofu, bonito flake and served with tempura sauce.

Gyoza - $4.00
Pan fried pork and veggies dumpling.

Fried Shrimp Wontons - $6.00
Cream cheese, coconut and shrimp.

- $0.00

Crispy Calamari - $9.00
Sweet chili sauce and lemon seasoning.

Grilled Oysters - $8.00
Six pieces, parmesan and house made pickles.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura - $8.00
Seaweed salad, and spicy citrus mayo.

Mussels Hot Pot - $9.00
Creamy sake, fresh mussels in hot pot.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - $9.00
Stir fried minced chicken, mushroom and bamboo shoots served with romain lettuce.

Hamachi Kama - $12.00
Grilled yellowtail collar with seasalt

Tempura- Chicken or Shrimp or Snapper - $7.00
Crispy fried with Japanese batter

Vegetable Tempura - $5.00
Assorted vegetable crispy fried with Japanese batter

Dynamite Mussels - $6.00
Baked green mussel with dynamite sauce

Tori Maki - $8.00
Toasted juicy chicken breast & asparagus rolled served with sesame ranch

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